Far From The Maddening Crowd – OR – I Never Thought I Would Miss Crowds

The literary reference there is for my friend Alan, but it was Shawn that prompted this post. We have reacquainted in the last few weeks and wasted no time recommending each other music and sharing some.

This past weekend we had a slightly weird (due to the social distancing parking lot meetup) but awesome visit. I “unloaded” some surplus music room stuff and a Dio and Iron Maiden album.

Then this week as I was re-watching some of the clips he sent me from shows that he’s been to I saw this one of Joanne Shaw Taylor. This was someone Shawn recommended early on to me. Blues, reminiscent of Susan Tedeschi meets Bonnie Raitt and growing on me. Let’s see if you notice what I noticed.

She’s doing “No Reason To Stay” there, but what I noticed is not the song, or how she’s playing…

it’s the crowd. That is the most calm crowd I have seen in a long long while. Not that they aren’t digging it, I do not disparage this crowd, just surprised at how orderly and respectful they all are. I’m used to being banged into, fighting for my spot, bracing for the crash from the drunken guy behind you falling into you or the guy carrying 4 PBR’s over his head trying to smush his way back to the spot in front and spilling half the way there.

I MISS being in the crowd! Even that crowd with the spilled PBR.

Like this night for Smashing Pumpkins at The Sylvee.

Or this night at The Majestic for The English Beat.

or seeing Buckethead at The Majestic.

Sigh. I miss you the most Buckethead crowd.

I never thought I would miss it so much, but I do. Live music is a part of me and though I don’t go to as many shows as Shawn (his gig list is more like a catalog!) the ones I do go to leave a mark and I can’t wait till we can all get back out there safely.

If a vaccine is forthcoming in spring next year (wishful thinking) then maybe I can make it to next year’s Buckethead show.

A guy can dream.

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