The Vinyl Vault: David Bowie – Young Americans


I know my last post was about Bowie too, somewhat, but I needed to write this one.

Technically this is a new album, but I will show my already owned copy, and the reason that I purchased this new copy, though the old one is going to stay with me.

Back in the day, my friend Dalton gave me a very special present: nearly all his Bowie vinyl:

In that collection was an unusual copy of Young Americans. I believe it is an original pressing. As a bonus, it has electrical tape (?) in black and brown, attempting to hold the cover together.

Dalton did not confess to doing this, but I don’t think he bought these used, I guess it’s a mystery. Despite all the tape, it is literally falling apart at the seams.

and even the sleeve is also taped and frayed.

plus there are some visible scratches.

All in all a pretty rough copy. However, it plays great and I learned to really dig this album. In fact, when Bowie died, I played this album over and over and over. It seemed to hit all the right notes for me and the emotion from it was exactly what I needed at the time. Side one in particular with “Young Americans”, “Win”, “Fascination” and “Right”. It just soothed me.

So… when I saw something come across my feed (despite being from Target) that there was a gold colored 45th Anniversary edition. It was the perfect excuse to get an updated copy. 

I don’t know if it’s available from high class establishments other than Target, but I had to order it.

The vinyl is in fact gold colored with some subtle swirls too.

The lyrics are on a separate sheet.

So, old and new are going to be side by side on the shelf, electrical tape and all. If I’m being honest I will probably end up playing Dalton’s copy until it wears out before I play the new gold version, but it’s nice to have in my collection.

I think this is the album I will play on Bowie anniversaries, in the same way I play “Alice’s Restaurant” on Thanksgiving. 

Thanks Target for delivering this intact. I’ll keep it safe next to my clear vinyl “Blackstar” copy.

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