Arcadia – Election Day

I wanted to commemorate this day in my music history. I’m sure I am 1 of a billion such posts, but it allows me to feature a much loved piece of vinyl that I luckily came across and purchased a few years back. I am speaking of the Duran Duran spin-off group Arcadia and their one album “So Red The Rose”

I probably wrote about this one before, but it bears repeating today.

The song from this album that is poignant today is “Election Day”.

I’m not saying that the lyrics especially apply to today, but it is the first (perhaps second after “Elected” by Alice Cooper) song I think of on days like this.

I first became of Arcadia during the days of videos. The video was confusing for me since a. I was confused about the band since Duran Duran hadn’t broken up why was Simon singing in this band? and b. what the hell did this video mean? I loved it never the less.

At any rate, when I also saw and loved the video for “Goodbye Is Forever” I knew I had to get the album.

I think I ended up getting it on cassette and played it over and over. There is a treasure trove of guest appearances on it. Sting, Grace Jones, David Gilmour and Herbie Hancock. It was kind of a one time shot of perfectly tuned pop.

I think I payed less than $10 for this copy in recent years. It was as good as I remembered it when I spun it on vinyl. Even the songs that never became singles are fantastic.

I love custom labels.

Recently I hit the interwebs and found that there are many versions (as Duran Duran is want to do) of not only Election Day, but a lot of the songs on the album. I of course was looking for a full show performed by Arcadia, but could only find single songs. There were some gems though. Check out this performance from Italian TV. Simon really had his moves down. Remember, this was the heart of the 80’s.

Fashion and style have always been a big part of Duran Duran, so it’s no surprise that this one-off band with Simon, Nick and Roger would be any different.

So on this day, election day, make sure you get out and vote if you didn’t mail it in.

Maybe take your walkman, or bring your phone and play election day and do some Simon LeBon moves while waiting in line. It won’t be the weirdest thing seen today.

Good luck

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  1. Totally forgotten about this group, nice reminder. Wasn’t there another supergroup that had members of Duran Duran in as well, was it called Power house with Robert Palmer as lead singer.

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