Mix Tapes Have Changed Formats… But Are Still Awesome

I couldn’t resist putting this in here.

Getting a mix tape, or getting a mix tape is a delight not everyone gets to experience, but for those that do you know exactly what Rob is talking about. That someone sat thinking about what songs were personal to you that you would want to hear or they wanted you to hear or were in your combines atmosphere… that is a nice feeling.

This year my lovely wife Cindy made one for me for Valentine’s Day.

She hasn’t seen this side of a tape deck in many many years, but she managed to make a mix tape and it looked like mix tapes of old, but with a twist. The package was a hint.

Turns out it was a USB drive built into a old cassette case. Totally cool! Plugged into my USB hub it looks awesome.

It even looks like it has tape inside. Someone knew how to get straight to us old timer hearts.

One issue that us old mix tapers didn’t run into though was the songs order. They came in order as they were recorded. Start on Side A. No brainer.

I stuck it in my USB hub and started listening to it and got a few into it before Cindy noticed I was going alphabetical. Gah! I needed to add the # column and sort it so that they were in the order intended. That never happened in the old days. Lol.

The songs are all great. Nailed it babe.

Whatever form your mix tapes take, they mean the world to me, just like you do.

I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021.

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  1. This is cool! I was on facebook trying to find folks still interested on CD mixes. I have an instagram page called djtrishm dedicated to making mix CDs and did a live stream asking who would like to do a mix CD trade but no one responded! Its valentines day so folks have other things going. perhaps one day they will respond.lol!

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