Ease On Down, Ease On Down The Road…

or, Heading Out On The Highway.

Maybe Going Up The Country?

The long and short of it is I am moving.

For weeks now we have been living with 1/3 of our stuff in boxes, 1/3 in a trailer miles away and the last third in piles everywhere all over the house. “Hey, do you know where the (insert item) is babe?”

All my music stuff is packed, except for the items I had at my desk on the day that I loaded everything. Fortuitously, my tape converter was still at my desk because I came into possession of some tapes that I definitely needed to convert. More about those later.

I have an increasingly large list of things to write about, but find myself with only enough time to write about why I am not writing. I also wanted to get this out there to get the embarrassing “Paul Is Dead” fiasco behind me. It was a faux pas of the highest magnitude, but as this is NOT the New York Times… I am fallible. Continued apologies to Paul. However, a lot of good came from it, and I had a lot of people reach out and my “Paul Black and The Flip Kings – Ultimate Collection” post continues to be a great resource for all things Paul.

So, in short, if you find my output in the coming weeks a bit canned, please stick with me and know that there is more coming when I can spend an evening without cleaning, fixing or packing boxes and suitcases.

Wish me luck, and say a small prayer for me that I can find everything when we finally land at the new house. It may take a while to track everything down.

Now where is that to do list?

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