First Vinyl To The New Aural Retentive Headquarters

So, I moved.

It was a journey and it’s not quite 100% complete, but my office is mainly set up and I am enjoying fresh internet at the new house. I call that a win.

Before I left the old house I had the opportunity to purchase an EP by a band that I have enjoyed since my college days; Couch Flambeau. I have extolled the virtues of Couch Flambeau for years in several posts, and through a recent string of communications with a Milwaukee DJ (hi Tim!) I heard they had a new album coming out soon.

Then I received an e-mail from him recently that said that he had been given a copy of the new album!

Lo and behold the next day I received a notice from Bandcamp that the new album (an 8 song EP) was here!

Yes! New Couch Flambeau!

I of course ordered it immediately, but I had to send it to the new address even though we didn’t live there yet. This seemed to be a little bold, but I figured it wouldn’t ship out that fast and that I did NOT want to miss out on a chance to get the vinyl. So I added the new address and clicked the button.

It arrived on our 3rd day here, our actual first piece of mail!

I don’t even have the record player unpacked, but I intend to play this soon.

Back cover.

Nice custom label, and I just realized as I snapped this that it’s a 45rpm. Cool.

So I have this to look forward to once I have the stereo all set up and ready to rock!

Hope this is the first of many new releases.

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