Diamonds And Rust

So I know I should probably be more informed, and it isn’t like this band hasn’t done other covers, but how in the hell did I ever miss that Judas Priest did not write “Diamonds And Rust”?!

I mean that song, which I am familiar with from the incomparable “Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East” album seems made for Rob Halfords voice. He makes that song his own.

But… tonight I stumbled quite by accident across a video of the original artist performing it. That artist?… not another heavy metal group… it was Joan Baez.

My mother had a Joan Baez or two albums back in the day and if I ever heard this on one of them I don’t remember it, but when I saw the video and the titled I laughed a bit, then thought to myself, I do love that song…

I had to check it out.

For the first time as well, I could hear all the lyrics, which are great. If you are like me and didn’t realize that this song was borrowed (like Green Manalishi by the way – early Fleetwood Mac) then like me you may come to enjoy it more hearing the way Joan plays it and comparing the two.

It’s a fantastic song.

I love when little surprises like these reveal themselves.

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