Mixes Mixes Mixes

While I was unpacking some of the boxes that I moved here from the music room at the old house, I came across some stuff that I had to pull out and give a listen to. These were collections of mixes and podcasts that I was really into at various times in my life, enough that I took the time to download and collect.

The first was Endless Boundaries.

Endless Boundaries was a jam band podcast and at that time it was already in the 400’s range of releases. I have 431 – 436. They came in split up MP3 parts in those days, probably due to file size limits. So an entire CD for 5 episodes, but I was definitely into it. I labelled this Volume One since I planned on continuing to get these, and I think I had a Volume Two at the very least, but this is the only one that remains. There were a lot of bands I had never heard of before, but that’s what makes it fun.

Is Endless Boundaries still kicking? It seems it was not too long ago. You can find it on I-Tunes and other Podcast aggregators. Looks like over a thousand podcasts! Nice.

Another testament to my collection collecting is another podcast that I stumbled onto called Waxing Deep.

This was around the time when I was shifting from turntablism to soul/funk and this was perfect. It seems it was a show on CKUT 90.3 FM from Montreal hosted by Dan Zachs. I was totally digging the tunes he played. Songs from the 70’s with funk and soul and some disco and stuff that I probably heard growing up but never absorbed. There was a bit of nostalgia to the tunes, but I was hooked.

It cracks me up that there are only 6 episodes on this CD. This was evidently before I was able to burn my own DVD’s?

At any rate, if you want to check these out and save them for yourself, there is an archive out there of all the shows.


As of this writing I have discovered that I am missing all the 2008 shows. Sigh. Need to get those.

Then finally there is Soul Strut.

Soul Strut was (and still is) a site for mixers. Like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, DJ’s post mixes here, or links to mixes and there is some crazy awesome funky stuff here. Per the site’s own description: An archive of the best crate digging funk, soul, breaks, disco submitted over 20 years!

I remember sitting for hours sifting through the site and downloading all of the mixes that were downloadable. Pages and pages. Looks like now there is a download link on them so it would be FAR easier.

As you check out these mixes you will say to yourself “why have I never heard this track before!?”. What’s nice is that a lot of the mixes list the tracks so you can investigate that artist’s other music. There is also a genre search so if you are looking for Boogie or Funk or Reggae… you can find targeted mixes.

I used to play this in the background while I worked and it was perfect. I’m actually stoked to see that mixes are still being made. I’m listening to one as I write this and it’s a disco inspired mix and I am loving it man.

I have collected a lot of other collections along the way, but by the time I was past these I was keeping them all electronic, so these are the main relics that have survived through all these years.

I know it’s old school to download these mixes, that kids these days just bookmark and stream, but I AM old school.

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