Traipsing Through The Archive # 1

As I have shown many times before, Dalton and I would make each other CD’s of new music we were listening to and wanted the other to hear. I kept all of these, even though I have all of the contents digitally because, well… they are just cool.

I collected all of these CD’s for the first time in one spot since I moved and I was surprised to find I have over 70 of them! As I sorted them and pulled a few to highlight I found that some need repair. Those slimline covers are flimsy, but as luck would have it I got a sleeve of 50 new cases for like $1.50 at Goodwill, so help is on the way.

How could you not want to save classics from the Dalton dub archive like these 2 Rush CD’s he created.

“RUSH Live (bootlegs) – Vapor Trails”

I don’t know if he found this image or created it, but it’s pretty cool. The spine insert work is all him for sure. He often created these little embellishments and cut them to fit in that tiny spot.

Inside there is more spine work. Sponge Bob randomly looking out at you and a sticker of Sonic for good measure. The track listing was an important feature too.

Even when it was a lot of tracks. Inside of insert.

I want to say that he made this shortly after we saw Rush live in Milwaukee and he got some shows from the Vapor Trails tour. Great stuff, but what live Rush isn’t, right?

Then we have this awesome CD in the collection. More live Rush.

“LIVE RUSH – Better Than Sex (Depending on who you’re with)”

Here we see lovely spine work, image collage and personalized text. Ah, Dalton. Inside again, track list and more spine work and an added bonus sticker.

All of these shows are copied onto my hard drive, but how could I not keep these? They are such cool artifacts and I don’t know any other way to show how much I appreciated them than to share them here.

I have a few more in the repair pile to show. Coming soon.

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