Traipsing Through The Archives # 2

As I have shown many times before, Dalton and I would make each other CD’s of new music we were listening to and wanted the other to hear. I kept all of these, even though I have all of the contents digitally because, well… they are just cool.

Of course bootlegs were a popular item to include on these CD’s. Here are 2 that he made and you can see the evolution of his technique along the way.


For this one he used the cover of Neil Young’s “Time Fades Away”. I had this tape back in the day and thought this was an excellent choice for a cover.

He zoomed in on the image and added the “Bootlegs” title in a cool font. Not sure why he added the directory shot but then also added the Radiohead info as a separate block, but this was pretty typical of the mixes of artists that he would put together.

Flaming Lips, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Ween and Radiohead. That is a weird Lallapalooza just waiting to happen.

Inside was a simple hand written label and of course track listing. He was nothing if not thorough. You can see how he pieced together different screen shots of the file structure to make the track listing. Hey, these things are important.

By the time I got the next “Bootlegs” CD he had stepped up his game.

“Bootlegs 2”

Same Neil Young cover image, but different font this time. Again though, odd mixture of artists. On “Bootlegs 2” we have AC/DC, Flaming Lips, Jimi Hendrix and a splash of They Might Be Giants.

Inside, evidence of Dalton’s stepped up technique is on display.

Still handwritten label on the CD, but now you see he included information about the actual recording of the bootleg along with the track list and even comments from the taper. This was again an intricate collection of screen shots that must have taken a bit. It was a fold out too.

I love the lower left Hendrix bootleg comment. “I was told that this is from Jimi’s hotel room. Please share afterwards.” That reminds me of back in the day when I was perusing Relics ads for tape trading and there was always someone using the phrase “Please Share” or “Are You Kind?” when looking for boots.

There is also a Madison show. The “They Might Be Giants” from The Barrymore 09/28/1998. Always love a local show. I think Alan likes TMBG. I should send him that show.

At any rate, sometimes the music was timely, like sharing a band with me before a show, in which case he spent less time hand crafting an elaborate cover, but for a collection like this he spent some quality time getting it together for me and making the cover an art piece. A lot of these CD’s were used for decoration in my former music room.

Thanks for being Kind Dalton.

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