Traipsing Through The Archives # 3

As I have shown many times before, Dalton and I would make each other CD’s of new music we were listening to and wanted the other to hear. I kept all of these, even though I have all of the contents digitally because, well… they are just cool.

For this pair of CD’s we look at some more before and after techniques.

The first CD I’m pretty sure was a collection Dalton put together post seeing Killdozer. I asked if he had any that he hadn’t shared and as with all of these CD’s and hard drive dubbing and such we had no record of what we had given so viewed each request as something net new.

“No Name – Jesus Lizard, Killdozer, Lennon, Nomeansno”

This one needs repair, the cover doesn’t even attach, but this one is a classic of the collection. “The Pig Was Cool!” The picture from the lower right is from the Killdozer album, which is now in my collection on vinyl.

As I look at this though, it occurs to me that I do not have Lennon on my hard drive. It must be something that Dalton added specifically for this mix but neglected to copy or keep for himself.

In a rare example Dalton skimped on the inners, though he did include the weird eye sticker on the CD. Just a simple folder list of who is on the CD and the optical illusion graphic.

nomeansno must have been resonating with him because he also included it on another CD and a representation of full scale effort on the CD collection.

“No Name – Black Flag, Nomeansno, Butthole Surfers, Mindless Self-Indulgence, Dog Fashion Disco, Glassjaw”

Here we see spine work, album cover collage that I have no doubt he put together and a cool metal style background that flows through the whole CD package.

Again there is more graphics on the reverse of the spine work. Is that the anarchy symbol? Also, for this CD he even went as far as producing a CD label with embedded album cover art including the theme of the metal design. That was a nice touch. He didn’t do this often.

This particular CD is less albums and more just collected tracks. Hence the lack of track listing on the inner. This was more of an exposure CD. He would group like bands for an audio experience. When I got this CD I had not heard of Dog Fashion Disco, Glassjaw or Mindless Self Indulgence. I would load this whole CD and play it on random. It was actually a long time before I could tell who was who. For the life of me I can’t remember what the handwritten numbers after the band names mean. It wasn’t listening order, or his ranking of the bands. Forever a mystery I guess. One of many.

Off to fix the plastic case on the first CD and listen to the second.

Thanks Dalton!

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