Zappa Vinyl, Not That Kind

I still occasionally do some vinyl cutting here at the new house. I had a giant size Frank Zappa on deck and recently decided it was time to fill the space on the wall that I had reserved for it.

Two giant printouts of the image took over the kitchen counter for a few hours.

I have to say that it is nice to work with some really large pieces for a change. Not having to use tweezers and end up with monster glue fingers is a plus. I separated the cutting batches into “mustache” and “left” and “right”.

This actually took a lot of vinyl due to the length of the pieces, but there were a lot of straight lines and the cutting only took a couple nights.

When he was all assembled I have to say it came out pretty good. If you step up close you can see some messy bits, but no one will be doing that in my office, so we’re cool.

Hard to get a decent picture with all the reflections, but here he is… giant mustache and all. I took some liberties with the hair that was more stringy in the actual picture, but I don’t think anyone will miss those details.

It fit in the frame with a little controlled nudging and up on the wall it went.

Frank is in good company here, and with the vinyl portraits on the left.

Welcome home Frank. I’ve been expecting you!

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  1. Mike this looks absolutely amazing. One of your best to date. You have taken the vinyl art to whole new levels~Rob/Bost

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