Les Paul – On The Wall

My little town has a pretty small business district, but recently a big big image came to town.

Les Paul.

For those of you familiar with any of the 3 bars in town you will find this across the street.

Les Paul was born in Waukesha Wisconsin and significant in the history of music and this little gem is a great sight every time I go by. Reminds me of the Good N Loud mural that is sadly gone now that was on University Avenue.


This mural was created by Erik Burke. Here is a shot from the Belmont Facebook page showing him in progress.

Not being an artist it’s hard enough for me to comprehend simply painting such a great piece, but further, doing it on such a big scale. Great work! So cool.

Here is a close up.

Props for making the rough brick wall seem like a smooth canvas and really fantastic work. Such a great addition to the area.

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