Dead & Company Last Tour ?!

I know I JUST wrote about The Grateful Dead and Dead & Company, but as the internet does, it listened to me and managed to get this in front of me:

I guess that’s what happens when you are 7 years behind the curve and just came across the band and the music. It touched me and now it seems to be ending.


I will have to keep my eyes open for tour dates though I don’t think that Madison is likely to be a stop on the tour. Sad dancing bear face.

You never know, depending on the timing and location I might be willing to travel for a gig. With no recorded albums “live” is the only way to experience the band except for the few YouTube shows that can be found. Love this one:

Hard to imagine that Bobby there has been playing for 50 years.

Fingers crossed that they come somewhere nearby in 2023.

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