The Charlatans (UK) & Ride – Ticket Win !

I’ve won tickets to shows once or twice… George Thorogood, Dick Dale and even a pre-show party with The Residents (didn’t go to that one, lol) but it’s always a gas to win.

A short bit ago an Instagram from The Majestic sent out the old “tag a friend for free tickets” post. So I did. I tagged my friend Otis. They said to pick a show from the upcoming calendar. I chose The Charlatans.

I have almost all The Charlatans albums digitally and have for a long while. I have to say that I think I picked up on them from a random library CD checkout. One of those random occurrences that plants the seed.

The sound of this band I have always likened to a more psychedelic version of The Happy Mondays, taking the groove and adding a pinch of organ and the Tim Burgess touch. I think it was the organ that originally hooked me.

Well… I won 2 tickets!

Sa-weet! This is about the middle of their tour.

Per an article from NME: Both bands will be playing one of their classic albums in full – The Charlatans will perform 1992’s ‘Between 10th And 11th’ while Ride will run through 1990’s ‘Nowhere’ from start to finish. A press release promises that they will also squeeze their other great hits, fan favourites “and more” into their sets.

Sounds like I’ll need to play some “Between 10th And 11th” to get myself prepared. See you at the doors Otis!

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