David Bowie with Salador Dali’s Mustache

My friend Alan turned me on to AI art apps. I knew of AI, but had never tried any of the writing or art apps before this, but I found one on my phone, downloaded it and gave it a shot.

The first few were garbage.

However, on a whim I tried this: David Bowie with Salvador Dali’s mustache. It came out pretty cool I think. Weirdly his eyes are the same color here. This is my favorite of all the AI art I have created thus far. It may become my work avatar.

A few subsequent tries came up with some other good ones.

I tried to add in Ziggy Stardust references, but it pulled the Alladin Sane colorizing and hair. Sort of worked.

This led me down the path of trying Ziggy on others. Sorry Paul.

Then the tangents continued. I found out that AI somehow (at least on the app I used) was incapable of accurately representing members of Kiss in their makeup. Okay, one flaw.

It does do a nice job on Bob Dylan though. I tried the most random thing I could think of… Bob Dylan driving a pedicab in Vegas. It didn’t really follow my prompts exactly, but it did make me laugh.

Then I went to Bob Dylan as a kickboxer.

Bob’s been working out.

For a little less dramatic scenario, I just tried Bob playing chess. This had some fundamental issues, like the chess board itself, and the weird growth on his finger, but I still liked it.

Then I went on a whole Frank Zappa campaign.

Frank riding a unicycle, Frank barbequing, Frank on the moon in a spacesuit… none of them really created a believable Zappa. I did have some sporadic successes, if you look none too closely.

Here is Frank making balloon animals at a kids birthday party.

and one of Frank playing chess in the park seemed not too bad. Again, can’t AI create a decent chess board?

So, the mind is the limit on what you can create, but don’t expect it to always be a doppelganger, or the scenario that you exactly intended, but it’s fun.

I’ll leave you with this last one. A calm day in the park with Franz Zappa AND Bob Dylan playing chess. This I would love to see.

There will be NO winners on that hellscape of a chess board, but it’s fun to see the collaboration of 2 musical greats.

There are a lot of apps out there, but I used StarryAI for the art above. Give it a shot.

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