Equipment – Circa 1983

Over the years I have had several different stereo setups. When my mother and I moved toAnn Arbor we had nothing in the way of equipment. I think I only had a portable tape player (for making tapes to Jeff). I didn’t have any albums, I only had tapes and a radio. Mom wanted a stereo. So, we went to J.C. Penney’s (back when they had a electronics department) and she bought us a receiver, record player tape deck and speakers. The speakers she bought that day I still have to this very day. They were solid wood behemoths. At one point in their history I would actually lay them on their sides, throw a towel down on them and do bench presses with my weights. Sturdy.

This photo is from 1983. It’s not a great shot, but you can see those very speakers, or at least one of them, stacked on top of a plastic milk crate. To it’s right was my Peavey electric guitar. Then to the right of that sits my clock and milk crate that held my records and a few other items. Looks like my high school yearbooks are in there. Then finally… my rig: record player on top, receiver, then tape deck. You can see a rack of tapes below that and a small stack of records in front. I am pretty sure I see the “Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour” LP sticking out on the left.

In the photo below, in the lower right hand corner you can see some records I checked out from the library inRoselle, still in the canvas bag they sent you home with. That LP was the Blasters. I recall digging that one. I should see if I can find that one on Amazon.

For the record I was getting ready for Prom. I don’t normally lounge in my tux.

My youngest son just commented while looking over my shoulder as I write this that I looked like Elvis.

I love you Joey.

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