Ticket Stubs

A few nights ago I met up with Dalton, and as things always go, we began discussing music.

Dalton has kept the ticket stub from all the concerts he has been to (with the sad exception of two) and lovingly laminated most and he brought the pile up from the basement to show me. Now, I knew he had these, but never imagined the pile to be so big. I’m sure that there are people with plenty more, and far fewer, but his collection was very very cool.

Now, you have to understand that 90% of the concerts I have ever been to have been with Dalton. The 10% come in the form of Summerfest shows, Big Bull Falls Blues Festival, Prince, a memorable show in San Francisco with Blues Traveller and Widespread Panic (thanks Jeff!), and David Bowie during the Glass Spider tour. The rest have all been with Dalton. I kept some of my stubs, but later sold the best of them on e-bay (yes people buy these) and the only one I have left is my David Bowie.

As I flipped through Daltons pile of stubs I instantly regretted getting rid of the ones I had. Here in this pile was Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Mould, Triumph… some I chuckled at but most I was totally jealous of.

I came across 5 incredible stubs in particular and it really sent me down memory lane again.

Rush – Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee WI July 19th 2002

This was the show I wrote about in “The Rush Paradigm” entry. My stub is gone, I don’t think I ever kept that one, but Dalton’s stub (above) marks the moment in time. Amazing.

The next 4 are actually my stubs that I turned over to Dalton after the shows. He graciously returned them to me and they are featured here. Thank you Dalton!

L7 with Wool and the Toadies – The Stock Pavillion, Madison, WI. October 1st 1994

This show was the show I wrote about in my “Reel Big Fish, The Rave, Milwaukee Wisconsin, December 7th 2011” entry.

The Feelies & Firehose – The Barrymore Theater, Madison WI. May 1st Year Unknown

This show was my first at the Barrymore Theater I believe (I later saw the Pixies and The Chickasaw Mud Puppies there) and it was the first time I had been to a show where you had seats. It was after all a theater. Very cool. I don’t remember a ton about the music, but the event was memorable despite that.

Buddy Guy with Paul Black and the Flip Kings – R & R Station, Madison WI. February 1st 1992

I have seen Buddy Guy a record 4 times: Once the year before this, this show, (spoiler alert) the next stub’s show, and once at Summerfest. He is now WAY too big to play shows in little clubs like the R & R Station, but I had the good fortune to see him there 3 times!

The first time I saw him in 1991 I recorded the show. I finally this past year converted the tape to digital. It is my favorite show recording I have ever made.

Makes me wonder if I also taped this show?

Buddy Guy – R & R Station, Madison WI. January 23 1993

 I am glad to have these stubs back in my permanent collection. A small sampling of the music I have heard and good times I had.

Live music rules!

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