For The Record

Abbey, my daughter and aforementioned LP lover, took my advice and began documenting her equipment and records. She and Max absorbed my music and my music love over many many years. Abbey was the first one to have her music almost all digital, but she came back to the vinyl mysteriously several years ago.

Here she points out the price of The Smiths LP she picked up on her trip to London. Is 12 pounds overpriced? Not for The Smiths Abbey would tell you.

Also, after searching thousands of family photos for 2 hours for any even inadvertent image of my past equipment setup and only finding a scant few, I advised her to take a photo shoot of everything she had. Learn from my mistake if you will.

She shared this one with me. This is the Cure album I bought her for Christmas.

Note in the background, there is a framed collage of pics from the time she saw Ok Go in Madison and Milwaukee. That’s her with Damian Kulash (top left) after the Milwaukee Show and her ticket stub from the Madison show (bottom left). Top right is Damian onstage and you can see Abbey in front of the Capitol in Madison at bottom right. The confetti is from the actual show.

Way to document Abbey!

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