Record Player Play

My purchase of the “Paul Black and The Flip Kings – How How” LP recently made me start to wonder about record players again. I don’t think I could really justify buying one for the couple LP’s that I actually have, but I was curious. What do non-USB record players go for these days?

I came across these 2 pages in my latest copy of Wired magazine. It was an eye opener.

I remember throwing my record player in the back of the car and taking it to dad’s place when I would stay with him for the summer. If I had any of these I think I would seal it in a glass case and post an armed guard.

My first record player was with the giant stereo purchase that my mom made when we moved to Ann Arbor. So I have no idea. My second record player I do believe cost somewhere in the $150 range. When that one died I bought a $50 used one and paid another $30 for the cartridge. In those days the record player was only half of the cost. When my needle went bad and I was worried that the penny I weighted the arm with was going to ruin my records… I had to give it up. I was always going to buy another, but then I went to CD’s. It made sense.

I may try and post a “wanted” add on the work intranet and see if anyone has one taking up space and would be willing to part with it cheap.

That is about the only way I will become a record player owner again.

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