The Flexi-Disc / Mini Disc

In Dalton’s collection of stuff I found this, and it reminded me of a format of music that I had overlooked.

The Flexi-Disc.

You can’t see the grooves in the scan, but they are there. If you look close on this one, in the circle where it says 33 1/3 the instructions read: “Place Coin Here If Soundsheet slips”.

This is an Evatone Soundsheet (the new breed), know to us old timers as a flexi-disc.

I’ve had a couple of these in my time, the most memorable being a Partridge Family disc that I cut off of a ceral box when I was a kid in Indiana. I recall that it didn’t always turn the best and did slip on the platter. Probably too much ceral dust and it wasn’t exactly pristine and flat. I have no idea what happened to it. They weren’t high fidelity by any stretch of the imagination.

They looked something like this.

Full article:

The sound was clearly not good, and a novelty only. However, this Bad Brains flexi-disc is from within the last decade, so they do still exist here and there. I believe this one came from a magazine. The edge is perforated to tear out.

When I see a cereal box with a Nine Inch Nails flexi-disc on the back to cut out I will totally buy it.

It will go alongside my NIN mini-disc that used to come from the “Nine Inch Nails – Broken” CD.

Apparently these are another Disc novelty.

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