Rush – Clockwork Angels

So, as a huge Rush fan, when someone told me that there was a new Rush album out, without hesitation I went to Amazon and bought it.

Once again, Amazon has made me shake my head as they run a special on it today and instead of my $8.99 price, they are selling it for .99 cents!

Go get it if you are reading this.

At the time I am writing this there are 395 reviews and it is getting a 4.4 out of 5 rating. Another concept album, despite Geddy vowing never to do another, ever.

I have only been able to listen to it while doing other things and have not been able to give it a real hard listen, but I loved what I heard so far. With my history with Rush I know to give it a few listens before I draw any conclusions.

I’m learning the lesson that most new albums get a discount period on Amazon. I’ll have to learn to be patient, but frankly, this is the first Rush album I have bought as a new album since Moving Pictures. I figure I owed it to the guys. They can have my extra 8 bucks.

For all Rush fans who haven’t gotten it yet…

Go get it! Make sure to get the digital booklet too.

Tell the boys I sent you.

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  1. The new album is really good, and I actually shelled out for the vinyl version. There’s something about holding the big album cover in your hand and reading along with the lyrics that makes listening that much more enjoyable.

    1. Ah, full size liner notes. Very nice. I remember the days of clutching the liner notes and following every word when listening to a new LP. It was part of the experience of the music. My download came with a “digital booklet”. Not the same. I read the lyrics on my Kindle while I listend to the music on my phone. My how times have changed. Glad Rush is still making great music though. This album seems to give them plenty of room to tell the story, but each song stand on it’s own very well. They still sound amazing.

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