So, I declined to circle the Henry Rollins tour bus after the show on October 9th, he talked about how people hang out and wait for him, and I have stayed after other shows for a brief encounter with stars of the show. I once waited with Dalton after a Buddy Guy show for seemingly forever for Buddy to come down the stairs from the dressing rooms with CD’s and sharpies in our hands. Halfway down the stairs he surveyed the crowd and announced that he was glad we enjoyed the show but that he didn’t sign and rap, he had to go. Ah well. It did remind me that I paid for the show, not for access to him after the show.

So, that has always tempered my crazy fan stalked attitude.

Being a geek however, I went to Henry Rollin’s website:


and found his contact e-mail and wrote an e-mail.

Mr. Rollins,

Just wanted to write and say that your show in Madison on October 9th was awesome. I have wanted to see you live for a long time and I’m glad I got the chance.

I have been writing a blog of personal music history and artifacts for about a year now and I wrote about the show in my post:


When you return to Madison, I’ll be there!

Thanks for the fantastic show.


I expected nothing.

I got this.

I have not yet printed and framed it yet, but…

I probably will.

Thanks Henry.

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