St. Vinny – Patron Saint of Vinyl (Part 2)

So… I went back to St. Vincent de Paul to look through the records that I had to skip last time. I found a couple more in the section I had skipped.

“Linda Ronstadt – Don’t Cry Now”

I owned this one once, as I did all the Linda albums. It has “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” which in retrospect was pretty country for me. Somehow, she got away with it. I had everything up to and including “Linda Ronstadt – Mad Love”, then I had to stop. I went a whole new direction after that, but I still like the old stuff. I usually left this one out so Linda could smile to my room.

“Neil Diamond – Serenade”

I was shocked to see this one there and snatched it from the shelf. This Neil Diamond reminds me of my dad. It is somewhat mellow and introspective and I was actually trying to get this but the Amazon MP3 store doesn’t sell it, and i wasn’t sure I wanted to buy a physical CD. It’s still in the plastic, so maybe it will be in good shape. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it.

“Neil Diamond – His 12 Greatest Hits”

This one was a given, though I will probably end up with all these songs from other albums, it is a nice collection. Neil will always be a favorite, it is too connected to my childhood to not be.

Interestingly, once I got this one home I noticed the sticker on it.

Half-Price Books sells records???!!!   Road trip.

Last but not least, they had a surprising amount of Lynn Anderson albums. I was astonished to find a copy of this.

“Lynn Anderson – The Christmas Album”.

There was no way I couldn’t not buy this for Cindy after the digitizing of her mother’s copy. Now she can have her own copy of the Christmas album that was THE Christmas album for her whole family.

Another 5 bucks worth of vinyl for the collection.

I have cleaned out Vinny’s, at least for now.

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