…featuring the music of Led Zeppelin

We have been watching the TV show Revolution.

It is a great concept for a show. The power all over the world goes out and survival goes backwards in time as suddenly there is no electricity, cars, or gasp… TV. There is an element of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” in it and a bit of Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us”.

I am sticking with it, despite not the best acing ever imagined.

Over the weekend we watched the latest episode and in the trailer for tonight’s episode I swear I heard “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin. Huh? Led Zeppelin is lending their music to TV show soundtracks? Sure enough. In fact tonight’s episode, and I quote “features the music of Led Zeppelin”.  Hmm…

This show isn’t like one of those shows that fetaures current and hip music and throws out a soundtrack of great songs from the show every Christmas. In fact, thinking back now I don’t really recall any music from the show at all. So, going straight for an episode featuring Led Zeppelin? Interesting. Are the ratings slipping and they are trying to reach out to the demographics? Or is a producer a huge fan? What made them go to this?

I am going to keep an open mind.

“Kashmir” will be one song. What other Zep tracks will they pick. I’m guessing longer slow tracks, like “No Quarter” or “When The Levee Breaks”. They should NOT play “Stairway to Heaven” or “Rock And Roll”. We’ll see what they use.

Led Zeppelin will bring the Revolution to YOU.

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