So we are expecting 14 inches of snow today, half of it is on the ground already.

2012-12-20 06.33.50 The kind of snow that looks far better from inside the house.

2012-12-20 06.34.30

Work is going to be from home today for the morning and snowblowing vacation in the afternoon. I was up at 5 inspecting the snow… then back to bed. Cindy was up checking her phone and the TV was out.

So, I opened the laptop for news from the world.

Having checked that, I played a surprise MP3 album for Cindy. “Lynn Anderson – The Christmas Album”. It was the one that I had digitized for her mom. When the first song came on, “Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell” she started quietly singing it. There were a couple skips unfortunately. Nonetheless, we lay in bed listening to it for a while in the dark with the snow falling.

2012-12-20 06.32.25

I did do a search for this album as a CD so we could have a nice clean version, but apparently it wasn’t made into a CD. Amazon doesn’t have it, nor does E-bay.


It was a nice snuggly morning though, which is good, since it will be an ugly afternoon.

Good luck fellow Wisconsinites.

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