Green Bay

Today we are in Green Bay. We aren’t in the stadium, but at a bar called The Green Bay Distillery.


This place is very close to the stadium.


We came to enjoy the game indoors with family and friends. We were here way before the game started.

What does that have to do with music?…

There was a band!!


The band was The Presidents. As we came in they were playing Devo – Whip It. Then they played Aha – Take
On Me. They were pretty good. We were right down front.


They played some Zeppelin. A good way to while away the pre game time.

Then they shut down the band and dropped a screen to watch the game on.


I had to get a shot of the Marshall amps.


Go Pack Go!!!!!

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  1. That looks like a pretty cool place. Anytime you can get llive music and then get to watch sports is a win-win combination

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