Bruce Springsteen for Christmas

As we were preparing for Christmas Eve, cooking, last minute wrapping and pickup… I decided there was time for 1 album. I had to choose 1 from the new batch I had procured at Half Price Books in Appleton over the weekend. More on that later.

My selection:

“Bruce Springsteen – Greetings From Asbury Park, N. J.”

2012-12-24 13.17.33

I have never owned any Springsteen on vinyl, so this was a special event, and it was a good and fitting selection. Bruce’s first album, and my first Bruce LP… “Blinded By The Light”, “Lost In The Flood”, “For You” and “Spirit In The Night” all classics. It was perfect for the day actually. There were a few pops, but no actual skips. Not bad for $3.99.

There was a time that I couldn’t stand Bruce. It was a phase.

I’m glad I came around.

Merry Christmas to all !

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  1. I feel awful that you are falling into the trap of Bruce Springsteen. I tried to get into Springsteen 2 different times and I just don’t have the stomach for him. I’d rank him just below Sonic youth in listenability in my opionion

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