I Smell Vinyl

The Appleton Half Price Books had a pretty good sized record section and had Friday night specials on records. Too bad we were there on Saturday! Ah well. Instead of being the only one perusing the records, there was quite a group of us. Of course it was a few days before Christmas, but I suspect that the advertising was making sales and rotating the stock pretty effectively.

I immediately hit the “Discounted” section. This is a section close to the floor, just like the Madison HPB, that stretches for 12 – 15 feet. Crammed with $1.00 records.

I expected that the selections of the discount section would be the same as what I sifted through in Madison: a disappointing mish mash of country and castoffs sprinkled with Carly Simon and some Big Band for good measure.

I was wrong.

Within the first handful I grabbed I found

2012-12-25 05.43.15

“Neil Diamond – Gold”

This album is a single record live album of Neil Diamond doing the old stuff. It was a favorite of mine and has all the old songs that I like. I love “Hot August Night” and “Love At The Greek”, but this live album is filled with rockin’ Neil and I used to play it when I stayed with dad and Billie, bedded down in the spare bedroom and using the old stereo they had. The song list is perfect starting with “Lordy” and ending with a bang with “Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show”.

2012-12-25 05.43.30

This may be the final Neil Diamond album that I need. Most everything else, except maybe “The Taproot Manuscript” album are reversioned and compilation albums. I won’t buy anything from “You Don’t Buy Me Flowers” or beyond. So I think my collection may be complete.

Then there was this gem.

2012-12-25 05.44.58

“The Cars – Candy O”

I had this album shortly after it came out. I was WAY into The Cars. I had purchased their first album in my first batch of albums ever. This one is  classic. It is also the last album I purchased from The Cars. The rest I felt were too aimed at a different demographic. Which is weird, because the next one was a monster hit for them, but left me cold. This one, and the first one though are etched into my memory. I couldn’t pass it up.

Then I found one from a band that I had only ever had a Greatest Hits tape and never owned on vinyl before.

2012-12-25 05.44.36

“Steely Dan – Aja”

I like several songs on this from the tape I had, but some on here I don’t know. It was worth a gamble I think. We’ll see. I love the song “Peg”, so that was worth a buck right there.

Look! Liner notes!

2012-12-25 05.44.48

I also found this one. Now I have the matching set of Steve Matin albums I used to have.

2012-12-25 05.45.12

“Steve Martin – Let’s Get Small”

This one I got after “Wild And Crazy Guy”. I have a lot of respect for Steve Martin. He seemed like a huge goofball at the time, but he has really parlayed his career into a many faceted production. I like his book too. It was very insightful as to how he was construcing and molding his goofballness in a manic mechanical way. Very interesting.

Next came this classic that I have written about before.

2012-12-25 05.45.23

“Styx – The Grand Illusion”

This one was my first Styx. Despite the band making a HUGE change in direction, at least for me, and sort of losing their way, beginning with “Cornerstone”, and then a song from “Styx – Paradise Theater” becoming a prom song and souring me from Styx for many years, I LOVE this album and”Pieces Of Eight”.

Having this back on vinyl feels good.

Last but not least was the album I already shared with you on Christmas eve…

2012-12-25 05.45.35

“Bruce Springsteen – Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.”

Again, this is my first Springsteen on vinyl. This is the album I went back to The Frugal Muse for, but it had been snatched up. I got it here for 6 bucks less.

We also got 2 for Abbey for Christmas.


“Psychedelic Furs – Forever Now” and “The Kinks – Give The People What They Want”

I had both of these in my day, on vinyl, and thought she would dig them. We will have to wait for her review.

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  1. I used to own Steve Martin and Styx in the late 80’s and liked them. The cars and steely dan’s albums don’t have enough good songs in my opinion to get. If I was actively looking for records I might possibly buy the cars album. I would not buy any bruce springsteen record, cd , tape, or any other format.,

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