Abbey – Music Lover

Wanted to post 3 things here.

Exhibit 1: Abbey with a tape from way way back. Looks like a mix tape.


Ugh. Never hold the cassette like that Abbey, you’ll touch the tape and ruin it!

I  bet one of those is the Sharon Lois and Bram tapes that you loved. I got every kids cassette the Waunakee Public Library had and taped them for Abbey to listen to on the Fischer Price tape player. There were plenty, and some were good, some were horrible. She loved them all.

There was one kids tape that had a song called “I Like Ham” that was infectious and I can still hear in my head every time I have ham. I tried to find it and post a link to it, but alas, I couldn’t find anything. Lost in antiquity.

Exhibit 2: Abbey In Crowd At Lovebox Stage Crash

Abbey was in London summer of this year at the Lovebox show and can be seen between 1:57 and 1:59 in this video. Here is a still from that moment. Pardon the expired Screen Hunter message.

ScreenHunter_15 Dec. 29 16.27

She didn’t crash the stage but loved the show. That’s her just to the right of the person in the red hoodie behind the fence in the gray sweater and black shirt. Abbey you’re on YouTube!

Exhibit 3: A few years ago she was in New York and doing the talk show circuit. She was on Letterman, and Colbert and she was on Jimmy Falon the night that Dierks Bentley was on. She was convinently behind the band for this shot.

Abbey with Bentley

That’s her in the middle over Jimmy’s shoulder, between Dierks and Jimmy in her Oshkosh shirt. Represent.

Abbey… World Traveler, Music Lover, Daughter.

This one’s for you!

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