Rolling Stone

I love Rolling Stone. I have subscribed to it several times.

I got a cheap subscription rate after gifting a magzine subscription to Cindy. I loved opening the mailbox and seeing it in there waiting for me… I love the record reviews and will actually read some articles inside. Loved the one on Pink Floyd. I flip throught it and absorb all the eye candy, glean what I need and then add it to a pile.

I hardly ever go back and read these. Once the new one comes, last months is just another on the pile. I accumulated a pile that outgrew the magazine bin I have moved them to when the pile got out of hand.

Recently, after cleaning out our reading corner at the house I had to determine what to do with these. Toss them or take them and donate them.

I mean, there is a Bob Dylan cover and a George Harrison cover too. The Floyd cover is iconic, but as you can see, as a subscriber, I get a copy with the giant annoying address sticker on it. Sigh.

I don’t need these I decided. I bundled them and decided to take the pile to work.

I planned on setting them on the breakroom table. Old news maybe, but if I came to work and found a pile of last years Rolling Stone’s looking for a home I would probably take them. Sigh. Do I hear myself talk?

I just went and took them out of the van.

I guess I am keeping them.

I’ll probably resubscribe too.

Damn you Rolling Stone. You have won again!

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  1. I love Rolling Stone. I subscribed to that, Alternative Press, and Raygun for the longest time back in the day and got me into many new groups I would have not seen otherwise. I’d love to look at the rolling stones.

    1. Next time you are over, I’ll bring them up. I think it would be a gas to read Rolling Stones from like the 70’s. You know, like “this group Rush… they will never make it!” LOL

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