Lynn Anderson Remastered From Vinyl

So, at Christmas time, I searched for a CD of “Lynn Anderson – The Christmas Album”. This is the one the I digitized for Cindy’s mom from her own vinyl copy, and then ended up buying Cindy her own vinyl copy from St. Vinny’s.

They both had scratches and sounded bad in the first and possibly the best track on the album “Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell”. Sigh.

So, after searching for a while I found a site that had it “remasterd from vinyl” for 15 bucks. I bought it. At the very least it should sound better than the copy I have, and I can make copies for everyone and not perpetuate the crap sounding first track.

It arrived just before the New Year.

2012-12-31 07.34.46

I am still unclear on the legality of this CD that I bought. I considered it a great service to have a CD copy of an album that apparently was never released on CD, but in point of fact, I could do this. I did in fact, without the fancy cover. Only mine has a scratched first song.

The CD looks nice and very close to a professional package.

It looks nice inside.

2012-12-31 07.34.55

There is a little hint of liner notes, and the CD has a nice label, but in reality is just a blue coated burnable CD when you flip it over.

2012-12-31 07.35.37

Am I upset? Did I get ripped off? No, I knew what I was going to be getting. It was clearly labelled on the website “remasterd from vinyl”. I just paid 15 bucks to eliminate the scratch.

This album, a classic and irreplaceable Richgels family memory, needed to be added to our collection. I played the vinyl version for us this holiday and I have to say, despite the thank you for the CMA award huge hair and 1970’s asthetic, I actually liked it. It has all the favorites and is going to go into pre-Christmas rotation, between the Bare Naked Ladies and the Sting and the Ichiban Blues at Christmas.

You win this one Lynn Anderson!

You Ding-A-Ling.



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