Styx Surprise Package

I had opportunity recently to play some records while I was trying to repair after the holidays. In the batch of albums I played was the “Styx – The Grand Illusion” I had purchased for a buck in Appleton.

When I went to pull the record out of the cover I noticed that it seemed heavier than the other records. For a second I thought there might be 2 records inside. Then I worried that the Styx record might not even be in there. What if someone switched out records! Panic.

As it turns out it was a nice surprise.

Inside the album cover, along with the record in a sleeve, was

2012-12-30 05.39.54

A POSTER ! Woo hoo!

Now, I owned this record before and if it came with a poster back then I don’t recall, though the picture is very familiar. If I had this back in the day I probably had it on the wall. Anyone remember this poster in their copy?

2012-12-30 05.40.07

Record inserts like this were not all that rare in the old days. I had several like this. Sometimes I would even use the inner sleeves as decoration. That was before they stopped printing anthing on them and just made them white. Blah.

On the off chance that this poster was rare, I checked E-Bay.

I immediately found someone selling the vinyl album AND the poster with it for .99 cents. If I didn’t already own it I would be all over that.

The poster might make the man cave some day.

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  1. I have to agree and say refrain from putting it in the mancave. What next? Air supply lol I have this album also

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