Joey Holds Vinyl

I made Joey pose with the Blues Brothers album. No “Rubber Biscuit” on this one, but good nonetheless.

2013-01-21 12.37.40

Note the Howlin’ Wolf box set.

Then we listened to it and ate lunch. Joey knew the words. Even to “Minnie The Moocher”.

I sent him the files for The Blues For Joey Volume 1.

Now we wait and see.

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  1. I wish I could get Josh to like the kind of music I do. He is totally into dubstep and music like that. He is into linkin park which I like a lot also. I’m just not with him enough

    1. All you can do is expose them to it, they are gonna like what they like. You would be surprised how much what you play impacts them. Max references, remember that music that you used to play when you were doing this or that, we listened to some of that on Pandora, or at work. It’s cool that he remembers that I played it and that he gave it a shot all these years later. Keep trying. I don’t mind dubstep in small doses. Every genre of music has its time and place.

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