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Based on the issues I had after my last record buying trip I decided it was time to start a list. I have done this before for other items I wanted to track, and it seems that I never had it with me when I need it, but now I could have it on my phone.

Abbey had suggested this to me before, and I downloaded “Music Library Free” from the Amazon App Store.

I hadn’t entered anything in it yet though.

It’s pretty simple, you enter the artist and album name, it searchs Amazon for cover pics. No track listing, but you can filter your list, or create wish lists. Plus, it might stop you from buying “Neil Diamond – Gold” twice.

Yes, like I did.

2013-01-21 12.14.28

I had Joey come out and take the above picture for me. As I posted it here I noticed that the covers are actually different. Hmm…

One is MCA Records (yellow border) and the other is UNI Records (no border).

Maybe one is rare?

Nope. You can get both versions on Amazon for between $.80 and $1.25. Ah well.

Still one of my favorite Neil Diamond albums. I paid a buck.

The App is free.

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  1. you are on your own buddy. I would be insane/suicidal trying to do a list of my vinyl or music. I would like to print out a list of my movies from my external hard drive. I want to figure out how to just print out them all by printing the file listing.

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