Signed By Linda Ronstadt (or not)

So in the batch of records I bought at the Half Price Books on the Eastside was a copy of “Linda Ronstadt – Heart Like A Wheel”. I had purchased a copy of this from the West Side store that appeared to be signed. What a find!

The copy from the East Side had the inner sleeve which interestingly enough has a picture of a note Linda wrote with her signature. The West Side version is on top and the East Side version with inner sleeve is underneath.

2013-01-26 07.13.18

At the outset you can see that they are not exactly virtually identical. A closeup of the inner sleeve signature:

2013-01-26 07.13.35

and then the album cover signature:

2013-01-26 07.13.29

So, I know that even if Linda signed differently with a marker at record store appearances… this is likely not legit. On the other hand, is there really a big black market for Linda Ronstadt signatures?

I guess I will never know, but now I have one I can play and one I can frame for the man cave. It will go next to my signed Lisa Rinna picture.

You know, if you squint a little bit…

2013-01-26 07.14.07

…maybe a little more.

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