Equipment Pics from the Vault

Abbey was searching for pictures of a Disney trip and uncovered a couple more pictures of the entertainment center in different era’s that she thought I might like to post.

The first one looks like it is from the days in the townhouse.


Look at the tiny TV in the huge TV section. It still has knobs on it.

The speakers are of course the original speakers from the Ann Arbor days. There are not one but two boomboxes. One with a TV in it. Also featured is my record player. You can see the little red bottle of solution for the record cleaner next to the equalizer in the upper left opening. There is also a lot of storage here. Between the left speaker and the side of the ET is the briefcase full of Blues tapes. On the right speaker is a storage cabinet for tapes, and on the shelf with the stuffed puppy, the blue, black and white and red containers held tapes too. To boot, there is storage on the bottom shelf for video tapes.

Probably the most interesting item though, and the reason I wanted to post this pic, is my original CD player. It’s been in a couple pics before, but is pretty clear here in the upper right opening. This CD player I bought from Sears or Penney’s (can’t remember which) for almost $250. Now you have to understand that CD’s were sort of a new thing back then and the equipment was big. I mean, all the CD player did was play and there was a set of buttons that you could mark the beginning of a section of music, then mark the end and then repeat that entire section over and over. A button, B button, A-B button. Simple. Though I never used it except to test it’s functionality.

This CD component was the width of my receiver and heavy and just short of tape deck height. It was a big beast for such a tiny media. I can’t believe I spent that much money on something that I replaced probably less than 10 years later with a CD-man (that I purchased for under $50) that I plugged into the AUX port on my receiver. At the time though, it was the prize of my equipment collection. I was so stoked for a CD player that I owned a CD before the player. I had “Pink Floyd – Meddle” just waiting until the day I came home with the CD player, and then I ceremoniously played “One of These Days”. Those were the first sounds that it pushed. It was tremendous, even if I didn’t use the A-B button.

In this picture, which I am guessing is from the duplex, you can see that tapes had taken over and the record player was still there, but covered by more tape storage.


Clearly the TV has had an upgrade, but is still too small for the alotted space. Original speakers: still kickin. You can also see that the right hand door on the tape deck is off. This was in the bootleg tape phase when I started adjusting the playhead screw. The briefcase full of Blues tapes is on top of an alligator skin briefcase I originally stored all the bootlegs in (until I outgrew that) and on top of the record player is a double sided tape storage briefcase. There were tapes everywhere. I also owned the drawwer below the TV (full of tapes) and the upper most drawer on the left (also full of tapes). Tapes tapes tapes.

The doors on this entertainment center didn’t make it too long for some reason.

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