Wrapped In Plastic (And Paper)

I remember buying way back when some plastic sleeves for my albums. They came in a 10 pack and it was the first investment I had made towards the preservation of my LP’s. I think they were reasonably priced, though I only ever bought 1 pack. I covered my most highly prized albums and set them pristinely in their place in my collection.

These days I only have a couple records that happened to come in plastic and they are reserved for the Hendrix and Paul Black.

Just before Abbey headed back to Georgia, she came to me with a bag and asked if I wanted these. She didn’t use them.

2012-12-30 05.40.35

There were like 10 plastic album sleeves and some paper inserts. She might as well have handed me gold. Though now I have to choose which albums get covered and which don’t, like picking people for the lifeboat.

And the paper sleeves?… I have been buying a lot of used records lately and I can’t believe how many come with no paper sleeves. I mean, you can buy a hundred for cheap, but I had records in my day for years and years and none of mine were missing the inner sleeve. What is the deal? Are they pulling them out at the store for other used albums that are better quality? That seems like a lot of work, and again, what is the mechanism that they show up at the resale place with the inner sleeve missing in the first place? Is there a subset of people that are annoyed with the paper sleeves that protect the record and throws them away? Sigh…

At any rate…

Thanks Abbey!

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  1. I’ve got at least 500 albums and I have at least 100 of those plastic covers. they’re essential in preserving the look aesthetically by stopping and scratches or and damage. When I get an album without an inner sleeve or some plastic piece of shit it pisses me off. I’m all about keeping my records in the best shape. Nothing worse than a scratch on a record to ruin the record. I’d rather not have an album than one with a scratch on a good song or album

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