Dalton Succumbs To Vinyl Fever

We got another one!

Dalton who has kept his good sized record collection throughout the years bought a Vibe record player from Half Price Books and rejoined the analog kids. I didn’t know him back in the days when he was playing his records, but I am glad I am around for this phase. There is no telling if Dalton will opt to get a receiver and speakers and create a whole record playing setup, but this is the first step. I felt the same way when I got started again, hesitant, pretty sure it was just a phase I was going through, but, vinyl is here to stay for me. We’ll see where it takes Dalton.

I stopped over yesterday and when I walked in he was playing “Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland” on the Vibe. It was so cool! Hendrix. Nice. It was set up in the living room and as we talked he showed me a few records he had ordered online. Some really awesome stuff. He had “Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine”, “Nirvana – In Utero”, and an amazing 4 record set of “Nirvana – Nevermind” as well as a few others. They were still wrapped and oozing with coolness.

I sat down and checked out the cover for the “Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland”. I don’t know that I have ever seen the inside of it before. Dalton mentioned that he didn’t listen to that one much digitally, but he was digging it on the record player.

He also had already placed a penny on the tone arm. Ah, the old tricks.

So he had his rig set up, was already jamming Hendrix and had a bunch of new crispy records on deck for his listening pleasure.

2013-02-20 17.29.27

There was a bit of bad news however. He had dug out a few favorites from the old collection (along with the Hendrix) and was heartbroken to find this:

2013-02-19 16.54.07

That is (was) “Judas Priest – British Steel”

2013-02-19 16.54.22


A moment of silence please.

Note, you can see “Pink Floyd – Meddle” and a “Sammy Hagar – Standing Hampton” in the background.

So already Dalton has experienced the highs and lows of returning to analog. Welcome back my friend.


On the railing by the door was a copy of “Pink Floyd – Animals”. For me. He had ordered it for me! This is a fantastic Floyd album that I have written about before. Amazing. I remember listening to it for the first time in high school in Illinois. I had gotten a copy from the library and listened to this while going to bed on many many nights. It’s a very good mellow times album. I was stoked to get this one.

2013-02-20 07.28.34

2013-02-20 07.02.18

Thanks Dalton!

Road trip through the arboretum!   LOL

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