B-Side Records – Madison

We were in downtown Madison walking on State Street. We don’t get down there much, but today we had lunch at AJ Bombers (awesome) and decided to walk it off a little despite the cold weather.

The first thing we came across was a big board that everyone puts show posters on. I couldn’t resist a picture.

2013-02-22 14.06.13

Dalton and I used to take posters off of this (and other) boards after the shows we saw as a souvineer. Dalton still has a bunch of these that I have included in older posts. Poopshovel. Couch Flambeau. A Hendrix movie event. They get rained on and stapled and torn by wind and weather, but someone designed and hung them. If I lived downtown I would have tons of these.

2013-02-22 14.06.21

We also ended up outside B-Side records.

2013-02-22 14.24.07

This is the store I got the “Paul Black and The Flip Kings – Live At The Harmony” CD. I also knew they sold vinyl. Cindy asked “Don’t you want to go in?” How could I not?!

B-Side records is only as wide as the store front. Small, but deep. You have to almost turn to get through the aisles. Cozy. The place is small, but packed and it occurred to me that it has been a long long time since I was in an actual record store. This is a real live record store. Vinyl is only a small part, but right inside the door they have a box of $4.99 or less vinyl. My eyes darted to it, but I made my way to the middle of the store where I saw a larger bin of records. Then I saw a section at the very back labelled:


I made Cindy take my picture there like an idiot.

2013-02-22 14.14.56

Then with the copy of “The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania” that I found in there, marked down to $19.99. It was heavy! Probably 2 records at 180 grams like all the new stuff. It was there in my hands.

2013-02-22 14.15.04

It was with great force of will that I put it back. This was not the day.

We walked away, hitting one more bin on the way out where I found “Pink Floyd – The Final Cut”! That one was even harder to put back. They also they had “Easy Star All Stars – Dub Side Of The Moon”.

If you are in the Madison area, you should check out this place.


Click on the giant lizard. Check out the picture of the inside of the store. You will understand what I mean by cozy.

I picked up a magnet for the fridge.

2013-02-22 16.39.44

B-Side. 30 Years In Your Ears!   Rock on!

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  1. I lived 1 block from B-side for 2 years. I visited the store religiously because of the huge amount of used records they had. I was a TOTAL vinyl junkie

    1. OMG. I would live in there if I was close. The store is not only a great vinyl resource, the ambiance is way cool. Just a little downtown store, but it just reeks of history and awesomeness. We should make a trip down there some weekend. Picture opportunity!

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