There’s A Hole In The Bucket, Dear Liza Dear Liza

At a recent Frugal Muse trip I came across an album that I hadn’t seen since the days of my childhood. I pulled it from the shelf and thought about buying it, then put it back.

Once home, I regretted not buying it. I went back later in the week.

“Harry Belafonte – Live At Carnegie Hall”

2013-02-22 07.04.25

There are good liner notes inside.

2013-02-22 07.04.42

So I don’t own any Harry Belafonte except for the one song from this album that I loved as a kid. “Hole In The Bucket”. Harry sings with a woman named Odetta. It’s a playful song that goes back and forth between Harry and Odetta. It’s funny and as a kid I remember playing it for my friends who were like, “huh”? They were not as impressed as I. There is also the song “Jump Down Spin Around”. I remember listening to and liking that one too. Odd selections to recall, but they have always stuck with me.

What got me thinking in the time between the time I saw it and I went back to buy it was… how did I ever come to listen to this album in the first place, and whose was it?

My taste back in those days was definitely less snobbish than it is now. I was a bit more open to new things. However, I was into The Beatles and Sony and Cher and TV Theme songs and whatever was on the Top 40 radio. This was not like any of that. I have no idea why I would have given this one a shot.

I called my mom and asked her whose album it was. It was my dad’s. She said he loved it and that they would sing the “Hole In The Bucket” song around the house. Maybe that was the way I first heard it, and I was drawn to the album that way. Whatever led me to it, I can recall sitting next to the giant console stereo and listening to “Hole In The Bucket” over and over again until I knew the whole thing by heart.

This album, thick and heavy with its dark red and black cover with Harry in white is a total childhood flashback for me. Also, it occurs to me that this may be the first live album I ever listened to.

It would be a shoot out between Harry’s “Live At Carnegie Hall” and Neil Diamond’s “Hot August Night”.

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