B. B. King – Madison Wisconsin Overture Hall May18 2013

So I have another show lined up. Josh and I are going to B. B. King on May 18th.

Once I got into the Blues, I discovered B. B. and his signature style. I love the way he shakes his hand on the neck of the guitar and his deep voice. His standout album for me is of course, hands down “B. B. King – Completely Well”


I still have this on tape.

2013-04-19 07.17.00

The vibe from this is tremendous. “The Thrill Is Gone” is on this tape, but there is so much other good stuff. The song “So Excited” is amazing. “Key To My Kingdom” is another one. This was a tape I would play when I was cleaning. I couldn’t help but get pumped when this was on. This tape and “Muddy And The Wolf” were probably 2 of the most influential blues tapes I have ever owned.

It was with those 3 tracks from “Completely Well” in mind that I paid probably the most I have paid for a concert ticket in my entire life, $49 bucks.

2013-04-13 19.04.16

I know… it’s still not that much, and there were tickets for this show that were over $200, and we are in the 3rd balcony, but!… we are on the rail of the balcony (437 and 438),

2013-02-08 16.02.50

so our view will be good. I don’t anticipate that B. B. is going to be running around the stage or have a big light show or dancers. We will be there for the music.

In anticipation I bought a recent live album from B. B. from Amazon.

“B. B. King – Live At Royal Albert Hall 2011”

Front Jasa

I have to say I was a tiny bit worried that he would sound somehow tired and unispiring. This being recent should be a good litmus test. He is after all like 88 years old. Not to worry… B. B. Sounds great! The man can play. Lucille is still working for him. His voice is still strong too. It did a lot to assure me that we were going to be seeing a good show.

I also looked for reviews of any shows he has done recently. Found this one from March 2013.


Sounds like we are going to get our money’s worth from the man and his guitar.

See you soon B. B. !

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