Record Store Day June 20 2013

I am still collecting old stuff at $1.00 a pop.

I only have 4 albums that are new vinyl. With record store day approaching I had to decide if I wanted to spend potentially 20 plus bucks on a new release or spend that money on a pile of discount records.

It was a toss up, but in the end I hit the East Side Half Price Books for $11 worth instead of heading downtown. I know I would have found something to buy at B-Side Records or at Strictly Discs, probably WAY too much.

I love to see that vinyl is happening in a big way.



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  1. I want to go record hunting also. If you wanna go together that would be cool and blow money that gives us loads of pleasure. I’m gonna be very selective. I want the records that have the cover and music that is awesome. I’d rather spend more for a kickass record but it’s very satisfiying and awesome when I find that diamond gem in the $1 section.

    1. Glad you didn’t sell your records and that you dug your “real” record player out of storage. You will like the quality better. Will make for a better experience. Still want to record shop some time? I hope you haven’t given up.

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