8 and 45 VS 33 1/3

I know there are 8 Track tape lovers out there, the same way I love my cassettes. There are lots of places in the internet where you can still buy these.

I had a reel-to-reel tape player that had an 8-track player built into the side. I went out to a resale shop in Madison (that no longer exists) where I knew they had 8-tracks and I bought a Rory Gallagher tape. I had to see if the 8-track player worked. It did. That was the last 8-track I ever played.

There are just some inherent flaws in the whole concept of an 8 Track tape.


Uh… yeah. If you were lucky, you got a tape that didn’t have 4 different songs cut off by the track switch. You 8-trackers know what I’m talking about. We had a few 8-tracks back in the South Bend days and I always thought it was funny to be jamming to a song and then silence, CLICK, a slight pause and then right back into the song. We had a Chicago tape that cut 3 different songs in half as it switched from track to track. Until I downloaded the above picture I must admit I didn’t really know how the internals worked. It all makes sense now.

I have no doubt that there are tons of people who have a killer 8-track collection and have kept them nice and play them nostalgically like I do my cassettes and vinyl. It’s just another format.


Oh, that would be sweet! I would love this one. Even if I didn’t have a player.

Note that “Dogs” is split into “Dogs (Part 1)” and “Dogs (Conclusion)”. Man that would totally mess up the mood. Sigh. Curse you 8-track!

I occasionally glance at the 8-tracks at the places I go for records. They are usually awful selections that I wouldn’t touch in ANY format. The other day though, I saw one that wasn’t bad. And the price was .49 cents. I bought it just to say I have one.

2013-03-31 10.04.31

Ray Charles, or “Brother Ray” as my grandfather Ellis used to call him. He used to listen to Ray’s more religious offerings.  “What’d I Say” is on here and “Crying Time” and “Unchain My Heart”. Pretty good collection that I will never play. I noticed that it had a piece of plastic on the top that covered the tape enclosure.

2013-03-31 10.04.43

Brilliant. I had actually never seen one of these before, but the few people I mentioned it to said they had. Hmm… someone made a killing on a tiny piece of plastic. It was probably the same guy who invented the tabs you knock out of a cassette to prevent taping over it. Millionaire now probably.

If I ever run across a cheap copy of any Pink Floyd 8-track I’ll step up. Sorry Brother Ray.

While I was there that day I also purchased another format of music. The 45 !

They have a ton there and I waded through a giant pile and picked this one.

“Paul Simon – Late In The Evening” b/w “How The Heart Approaches What It Wants”

2013-03-31 10.02.53

I have toyed with Paul Simon many times in my days and have owned and now own a couple Simon and Garfunkel vinyls. This seemed like a good choice for my token 45. I know and love this song. The 45 is clean and came in plastic! How could I say no at .49 cents.

2013-03-31 10.03.22

Also included was another tiny piece of plastic that probably made someone somewhere a bit of money.

2013-03-31 10.04.19

This little gem allowed you to play the 45 on a record player that had a spindle for LP records (33 1/3) and didn’t have the attachment that fit over that spindle that fit the opening of a 45.

You attached it to the center hole and boom, you had a smaller, LP spindle sized center.

2013-03-31 10.03.59

I don’t recall if these came with the 45’s or not back in the day. I had the center column spindle thing on the console stereo, or, on the small record player I had that grandma Ellis got me from a garage sale there was no LP option. It was built for 45’s only.

Most 45’s you find for sale at the record stores now are either stacked in a pile unceremoniously, or are just in plain white paper 45 sleeves. To find this nice Paul Simon was pretty cool.

Wait, are there Pink Floyd 45’s? Aren’t most of their songs too long for a 45?


Floyd 45

Yes !

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  1. I don’t know what has happened to you but you now have the musical taste of 55 Y.O. MAN. lol I pray that the selections at the story were very very week so. I kinda don’t understand your continual grasp of reel to reel AND CASSETTES. It doesn’t matter what I think but it’s your obsesson of essentially dead formats. At leat vinyl is coming back.

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