To Alphabetize Or Not

My record collection is getting big. I have filled the two shelves and a plastic bin and I’m going to have to bring in another bin to go on the left side, and there are piles of records in front of everything.

2013-04-28 08.53.36

That brings to mind the age old question:    Do I alphabetize?

Committing to a sorting style is a big deal. I look at pictures of people with wall sized record shelving and wonder how do they find anything. Of course they have a method right? Genre. Reggae here, rock there. Do you keep solo Kiss by the group Kiss? Do you skip the The in a group name… Cars or THE Cars. It makes a big difference.

I’m a fan of alphabetizing only so that bands stay together. Of course that would entail taking all of them out and sorting them. AC/DC and Beatles will be in the incoming bin on the left, Triumph and Riki Lee Jones will end up in the bin on the right.

I’ll keep the new ones and “special” ones on the shelves.

Who am I kidding, I will probably love doing this.

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  1. I just alphabetized 6 boxes of records and I can’t say it was fun but I enjoyed it more than I though I would. I had forgotten all the records I owned and it was refreshing listening to those records I bought 25 years ago. Thumbs up on the alphabatizing

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