Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

I must confess that one of the ways I “play” on the internet and find new blogs about music is a sort of Google search. What I do is a Google image search on vinyl or cassette or records or something music related, and then browse the pictures. If there something interesting, I look to see the host site of the pic. Sometimes it’s a blog like mine, or a pro music site, or something random.

Recently I did a search on records and was blown away with several pictures of records made into clocks. Some were very elaborate and some were just hour and minute hand with no numbers or makers of any kind. They were all cool.

I found several DIY sites for making these and the seed was planted.

Immediately I thought of my “Styx – Pieces Of Eight” album that I bought 2 of. I wondered if I could make one of these clocks.

Over the next few days I kept thinking about it.

Eventually I stopped in to St. Vincent DePaul and bought 2 clocks. They both had second hands, which I deemed necessary to show movement on the clock. Otherwise at a glance you wouldn’t be able to tell if the record clock was actually working or not. Maybe that’s just me.

The first clock had a neon light behind it and in dismantling it, the wires came off. The clock parts were salvageable however and I set them aside. The silver clock, the second clock I bought for only $2.30 was the one I really had my eye on.

Before dismantle

2013-04-28 05.40.55

Once I had the cover off I removed the little plastic pieces that were the number spots.

2013-04-28 05.41.34

Then I unfastened the post.

2013-04-28 05.44.15

When I had popped the hour minute and second hands off, I had a little pile of pieces.

2013-04-28 07.39.34

Then I got my “Styx – Pieces Of Eight” album.

This was a proof of concept build, not a “one for the museum” project. I wanted it to look nice though. So I put the unplayed record on the turntable and cleaned it on the side that was to be the face of the clock. It was in okay shape, in the light you will be able to see scratches and wear, but that will add to the ambiance of the whole project. This album was well played before this new chapter of its life. I brought it over to the pile of clock pieces and tried to put the clock movement through the spindle hole. Nope. The hole was just a bit too small. So, back to the toolbox and I brought the drill over. I picked a drill bit ever so slightly larger than the hole. Drilled it out, and tried again. Still too small.

The next bit size up did it.

2013-04-28 07.25.54

Then I inserted the movement.

2013-04-28 07.39.51

Fastened the post

2013-04-28 07.41.23

And added the hands.

2013-04-28 07.43.21

It looked good!

I was surprised at how good it looked in fact. I thought about adding the little plastic pieces in place of the numbers, but the slightest non symmetrical line would blow my mind, so on this one I thought I’d skip that. I’m glad I did. The more I look at pictures of other record clocks that have the numbers I’m convinced that you don’t need them. It must be the 80’s Swatch lover in me. I did need to be able to hang it though.

I roughly cut out the plastic hanger part off of the clock leftovers and cut grooves in the back to help the glue hold and then got 2 books to lay the record, nay clock now, across. I applied Gorilla glue to the hanger piece and set it on the record. This step and the drilled spindle hole officially render the album non-playable for the future.

2013-04-28 08.46.15

As an afterthought I added a battery to make sure the clock actually worked. I could see the second hand ticking along.

2013-04-28 08.46.22

I let it dry for several hours, then picked up my new record clock and hung it on the wall.

2013-04-28 10.10.53


2013-04-28 10.11.06

It worked!

I took it to work and hung it in my cube.

2013-04-30 15.22.39

I bought some more clocks and am toying with doing a 78 and a 45 and a CD. What about a cassette?!

Oh boy.

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