211 Reasons To Love The Rolling Stones

I used to love The Rolling Stones.

Jeff would send me dubs of Stones albums when I was in high school and I loved “Goat’s Head Soup”, and “Some Girls” and “Emotional Rescue”. The album “Beggars Banquet” and “It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll” were the 2 album, which I got from the library, that set me down the path to getting into the Stones older stuff. That led me to buy “Tattoo You” when it came out. I considered myself a Stones fan. 

It was all briefly ruined by college suite-mate Bill when I lived in the dorms. Once semester he moved in with Andy in the double room. During that semester, Andy was hardly ever there, and Bill was always there. He was an okay dude, but he had one quirk. He LOVED The Rolling Stones almost more than life itself. He had a record player and a big stack of records. All of them were The Stone. Every last one of them.

Stones in the morning.

Stones in the afternoon.

Stones at night.

Over and over, day in, day out.

Bill favored the early stuff, said it was the purest Stones that could be had. I tended to like the 70’s Stones. Unfortunately Bill and Andy reached a point where they could no longer stand each other and Bill liked to use his Rolling Stones albums as weapons in their roommate battle. He would add playing them loud and obnoxiously at crazy times of the morning and night to his repertoire. He ruined (temporarily) any love I had for The Rolling Stones. I pretty much swore off The Stones after that.

Years and years later I remember one fateful day in the garage while working on something I mindlessly put on a tape of “Let It Bleed”. A couple of songs into it I stopped and listened in surprise. It was like hearing The Stones for the first time again. I found that I could enjoy them again without conjuring the image of Bill and his freakouts. Suddenly my Rolling Stone appreciation was back. I think it was the song “Monkey Man” that finally broke through the cloud and made me stop and pay attention. I determined I wasn’t going to let Bill ruin a great band for me. Since I have dabbled in The Stones once again.

I still favor the 70’s to very early 80’s Stones. I give a lot of respect to the boys to still be rocking it out.

I found this in a record sleeve and thought I should post it here. It’s pretty classic.

211 Reasons Front

211 Reasons Back

I only found a couple of images of this on the internet, and they were both cut off due to the weird size.

So here ya go Stones lovers.

Just remember, all things in moderation.

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  1. I can’t say I LOVE too many songs by the stones but I do like any high quantity. I always tell myself i’m going to listen to some old stones and see if I can get into that era. I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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