Half Price Books Hijinks

Before the T.U.G.G. show we stopped in to Half Price Books on the East Side.

Dalton still has his whole collection of records from his past, so finding that diamond in the rough is going to be tougher, but he dug in.

2013-05-31 19.17.48

Besides shopping for records we had a bit of fun. Sleeveface style.

2013-05-31 19.15.57

2013-05-31 19.16.24

I also noticed for the first time a huge mobile over the record section. Is this new or did I really not notice this thing before?!

2013-05-31 19.23.25

Cool! I would love to be able to build something like that. I want that center record for a clock. At any rate new or not it is very cool.

As for my selections from that night…

“Yes – The Yes Album”

2013-06-01 09.52.28

I know what you’re thinking, not Yes! I know, but I particularly picked this one that does NOT have a cool cover (just the opposite in fact) to see if I really like it or not. This is their third album. I know some of these songs, and I figure it’s a good test. I hope this photographer went on to do better work. “OK, no one sit on the chair on your right, broken ankle guy with cast in the middle, go for harsh lighting and guy on front left crouch down… YES that’s it, perfect. Click.

“INXS – Listen Like Thieves”

2013-06-01 09.52.15

INXS was HOT on MTV and I along with everyone else got hooked up in the fever. I had this on cassette and I had an earlier album too. I remember the TV special they had and Michael Hutchence was wearing the “Watch The World Argue” tank top that he is wearing on this cover. This is good music. I’d probably buy “Kick” too if I saw it, but that would be it. They really hit their stride with those two, but then, alas, Hutchence died and the weirdness of lead singer competitions and craziness doomed it all.

“Til Tuesday – Voices Carry”

2013-06-01 09.51.59

This one is direct from my 80’s phase. Another I had on cassette. I played this one constantly and it almost eeked into my recent “Musical Imprint” list of albums. These songs are great. I listened to this and despite being way old, I still love it.

I thought that there were 2 girls in the band, but after reviewing this picture and reading the credits I never saw before I was surprised to find I was wrong. I guess the bigger album sized picture is more revealing. Ah the 80’s.

“Def Leppard – Pyromania”

2013-06-01 09.51.42

I am fairly certain that this is the first and only Def Leppard I have ever bought. During my high school days I had more than enough Def Leppard pumped at me via the lunchroom jukebox and the radio and the entire world. I totally turned off to Def Leppard. Many years after high school I was able to stomach them again, but this is my first real purchase.

Confession: I love this.

While there, and only because they were only $.50 I looked through a cart of CD’s. I know, right? CD’s. I ended up buying 2.

“John Lee Hooker – Trouble Blues”

2013-06-01 09.51.24

I have seen SO many Hooker compilations in my day I wonder why he is the king of compilations. His albums are great, and if you like his style it really doesn’t matter what tracks are on it, but these must cater to fair weather blues folks. At any rate, I thought it would be fun for the car. It was.

“Death From Above 1979 – Heads Up”

2013-06-01 09.51.11

Death From Above 1979 was first given to me by Kris B. in the engineering department at Marshall Erdman. It BLEW my mind. This is a 2 man group with no guitar. Just drums, bass and synths. Their only full length album “Your A Woman, I’m A Machine” is phenomenal. This is “Heads Up” an EP. I expect great things from this.

I like the Wiki on them,


describing them as “rock/noise rock”. Is that a genre? Noise Rock? I’m not saying it’s not accurate, just curious if it is legit. Wow:


Whatever you do… don’t Wiki surf. I just lost like an hour going from link to link from that page. Damn you Wiki!

Noise Rock? Check out this article on a Lou Reed album.


Thank you, goodnight.

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  1. You’re right that it is hard for me to find something to buy like a “hidden gem.” It’s also hard to rationalize buying a record that I already own on digital or cd. Sometimes you gotta just buy some albums just cause it’s fun to bring home, listen to it, and file it away with all the other records.

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