Alphabatization Project

It had to be done.

Things were out of control.

2013-06-01 09.56.13

I worked on it for about an hour and transformed it into THIS!

2013-06-01 12.16.23

Ah, better.

A-Z in the left and right bins.

2013-06-02 08.25.07

2013-06-02 08.24.50

Lower shelf has Cindy’s 2 records and Linda Ronstadt and Neil Diamond.

2013-06-02 08.24.34

Upper shelf has new and prized possession albums (Jimi Hendrix, Couch Flambeau, unopened new Abbey Road re-issue, etc.) and my Bowie and Floyds.

2013-06-02 08.24.23

Next project… make a list of them all, add paper inserts to those that need it and plastic sleeves to those that deserve it.

Dalton bought sleeves and paper inserts and I got in on it.

2013-06-02 08.23.05

Used records could have a far worse resting place.

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  1. I was glad when I alphabetized all my collection. All my records are together as 1 large collection except the albums I bought that are unopened and sealed.

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