Salvation Army Store – East Side Madison

Cindy and Joey and I went into the Salvation Army Store on Madison’s East Side. I have never been in there. It was actually pretty nice.

Joey got an I-Pod docking station and speakers. We got frames for wedding decorations and I spotted the records.

“Supertramp – Breakfast In America”

2013-05-25 16.36.31

I had this one back in the day. I think everyone did. I burned out on them eventually, but thought I’d give this one a chance again. This one and “Crime Of The Century” have all the best songs. I might give the live album a chance. We’ll see.

“Chicago – X”

2013-05-25 16.36.46

This is one my mom had. I recall the 8 track tape. My Chicago collection is getting big. This one has one song I recognize, “If You Leave Me Now”. I will have to make a list of the ones that I have, or make a picture chart since they just use numbers! How annoying. I wonder why they did that? Is there any other band that does this?! It’s a good thing the music is good.

“Jackson Browne – Jackson Browne”

2013-05-25 16.37.00

This one I have, but this copy is way cleaner and the cover is not falling apart. I think they were under a buck each.

Not a bad score.

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